Danh mục thơ Hồ Xuân Hương : - Vịnh hang Cắc – Cớ

Title: - Viewing Cắc – Cớ Cavern

Heaven and earth brought forth this rocky mass
Its face cut by a deep crevasse

Crack’s dark mouth shagged with moss
Pines rocking in wind rush.

Here sweet water spatters down
And the path into the cleft its dark.

Praise whoever sculpted stone
Then left it bare for all to seẹ
Notes:Durand says that the cave “would be not too far from Mt.Kẽm Trống between Ninh-Bình and Thanh-Hoá provinces”. Others place it in Sơn-Tây province at the foot of Thầy Mountain pogodar. Nguyễn Khắc Viện and Hữu Ngọc, editors, Vietnamese Literature (Hanoi: Red River, p.329), place the cavern “in Sài Sơn Mountain Pass,” where an agitated pine and cave appear in similar language.