Danh mục thơ Hồ Xuân Hương : - Con cua

Title: - The Crab

Its blue shell with gold breastplate,
borne like a palanquin by scuttling legs,
follows Confucius back to Esstern Lo
to learn the virtues of Boil and Bakẹ
Notes:Ba quân in line two are the palanquin carriers, moving off like a crab, “whose dignified walk,” Durand notes, “suggests a man of gravity” (p.162), which suggests Confucius and his home of Eastern Lo, which suggests old Chinese legend, which suggests the story of the King Pan Keng, whose name to the Vietnamese ear suggests “noodles and soup” (Bàn Canh) and the story of the Pan Keng/ Bàn Canh king who kept moving his capital despite the anger of his subjects whom he tried to console with essays on old moral virtue. In its way, a political poem.