Danh mục thơ Hồ Xuân Hương : - Vịnh sư hoạch dâm

Title: - The Lustful Monk

A life in religion weighs heavier then stonẹ
Everything can rest on just one little thing.
My boat of compassion would have sailed to Paradise
If only bad winds hadn’t turned me around.
Notes:The “little thing” that weighs down the monk and keeps him from entering the Western Paradise of the Amit#bha Buđha seems to be his penchant of sex. It’s not exactly that this poem has a second line of argument, or a clear double entendre, but hat obscene echoes unexpectedly seem to be trying to invade the poem, like the mind of our monk. Certain words in the text have obscene echoes. For example, lồn can mean “vagina,” not “to confuse” or “turn about.” Similarly, đéo and lẹo can both mean “copulate,” as can trai in trai gái.
Opposed to this set of suggestions is the Buddhist notion of perfecting oneself, centered around the perfection of compassion. The Mahayana symbol of the “boat of compassion” traveling to the western Paradise is a metaphor common even in the ca dao folk poetry. We also have a doctrinal echo from the very etymology of pāramitā, the Sanskrit word for “perfections” such as wisdon and compassion. Pāramitā's root meaning is “toget to the other side,” to the opposite shore.